Explore Our Yummy Baked Goods

La Casita Restaurant & Bakery offers a wide variety of authentic baked goods that your friends and family will love! You can choose from an array of your favorite desserts and pastries. From Flan de Vanilla to Pastelillos de Guayaba, we have you covered! You will simply love the bakery products at our locally owned and operated restaurant and bakery.

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with spoonfuls of our authentic home-style dishes. All the sweet treats you will find in our pastry case are baked fresh daily on-site.

Visit us at 117 E Main Street. We are open during regular business hours. You will also get off street FREE parking.

Please note that we only offer dine-in and carry out services, not delivery.


  • Pan de Agua 1 Pound
  • Pan con Mantequlia
  • Pan Sobao 1 pound
  • Pan con Ajo
  • Pan con Queso
  • Quesitos
  • Pastelillos de Guayaba
  • Rollitos de Creme (Cream Rolls)
  • Rollitos de Quezo (Cheese Rolls)
  • Napoleon
  • Donas de Azucar (Sugar Donuts)
  • Donas Glazeadas (Glaze Donuts)
  • Long John
  • Donas con chocolate
  • Donas con vanilla
  • Bizcocho de Novia
  • Bizcocho de chocolate
  • Bezitos de Coco
  • Polvorones
  • Merengueo
  • Bizcocho de Zanahoria (Carrot Cake)
  • Cupcake Vanilla
  • Cupcake Chocolate
  • Cupcake Red Velvet
  • Pastelillo de Maiz (Corn Bread)
  • Pastelillo de Pina (Pineapple Turnover)
  • Pastelillo de Manzana (Apple Turnover)
  • Pie de Strawberry (Strawberry Turnover)
  • Cheesecake Plain
  • Cheesecake With Toppings
  • Flan de Vanilla
  • Flan Bizchocho
  • Flan de Quezo (Cheese Flan)
  • Charlota
  • Budin de Pan (Budin Bread)
  • Arroz con Dulche
  • Tornillo
  • Tembleque
  • Tres Leche
  • Masamora
  • Upside Down Cake